Stomach churning platform puzzles!


  • Fun idea
  • Cute graphics


  • Can be fiddly at times


Spewer is a bizarre little platform game, where as Spewer, you have to escape an evil scientist's 50 room trap.

To start with, it plays like a normal platform game, using the WASD keys to move around and jump, but when you reach a level where the jumps are too long, Spewer comes into its own. To perform long jumps, you use the mouse to aim, and holding the left button while yuo jump, you'll be propelled through the air. Vomit powered.

This control takes a bit of getting used to, but works pretty well. You always have a finite amount of vomit, which you have to manage well to complete a level. To help you, your character can eat up used vomit and recycle it. If this all sounds gross, it doesn't feel like it in game - Spewer is an alien blob like creature, and the mechanic as a whole is fun.

The puzzles are not exactly difficult, but combined with with the sometimes fiddly business of vomit powered jumping, you can expect to die quite a lot. This is a downloadable version of an online game, and requires Flash Player to run.

Spewer is a fun little platform game, if you can stomach the vomit mechanics!




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